City of post-modern architecture, city of culture, city of nightlife… Rotterdam is many things, but it's also a city with an emerging foodie scene. Fast becoming the number-one choice for discerning diners in the Netherlands, people are flooding into Rotterdam to taste the endless culinary delights.

The food scene covers everything – the quirky, the trendy, the fun and the posh. Fine dining rubs shoulders with laid-back artisanal food, and eclectic craft breweries offer refreshment. We've collected a few of our favourite food spots from the Netherland's hip second city.

1. Baker & Moore

With everything from nutritious sandwiches to salads, granola bowls and fresh homemade juices, Baker & Moore is a one-stop shop for healthy eating. Grab one of their top selling sandwiches like Oh My Goat off the shelf – tangy goat cheese, crisp lettuce, toasted walnuts and a drizzle of honey – or create your own sandwich or salad by choosing your bread base, salad, toppings, sauces and extras.

Ideal for: ordering an energising lunch al desko.

2. Roffa Streetfoodbar

Smoked meat and local craft beers? Sign us up. Roffa Streetfoodbar, Rotterdam's first smokehouse, serves up savoury brisket, wings, pulled pork, salmon, ribs and sausages, all smoked on their very own 21-inch Oklahoma smoker. And they're covered with a secret rub and whisky barbecue sauce that'll make your mouth water. This is Americana, Rotterdam-style.  

Ideal for: your next meaty craving and American TV binge.

3. District A

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Devotees of Vietnamese sandwiches already know about the addictive twin hits of banh mi and bao. District A serves up a soft, steamed Bao Pork sandwich with fresh, crunchy cucumber slices, zesty spring onions, tart pickled daikon radish, fragrant cilantro, topped with crispy fried onions. Or take their most popular Banh Mi sandwich out for a spin – Banh Mi Chicken Dac Biet – made with rotisserie caramelised chicken, mortadella and pate. If you're not in a sandwich mood, they also have an extensive selection of crispy spring rolls and sweet-sour bún dishes.

Ideal for: a cosy night in with a taste of Hanoi.

4. Keet

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With savoury or sweet waffles, smoothies and the most photogenic desserts we've seen in ages, Keet is a store, pop-up and café capturing the innovative ethos of post-modern Rotterdam. Try their sweet potato waffle with grilled chicken, avocado mousse and baby spinach for a light lunch or dinner, or go for broke and wallow in the ultimate self-indulgence: baked New York cheesecake.

Ideal for: making your day a little bit sweeter.

5. De Hemel op Aarde

Along with Spanish tapas, De Hemel op Aarde also serves small plates dishes from French and Balkans cuisine. Ideal for nights when you just want to nibble on lots of diverse offerings, we're not surprised that De Hemel op Aarde's top dish is the decadent Carpaccio Truffle. Round out your mixed dishes with shrimp croquettes, Greek beef meatballs in spicy tom sauce, or one of their carefully curated meat and cheese platters. Order a bunch of different bites for your next dinner party, and enjoy the smorgasbord with friends – or all to yourself.

Ideal for: a slow, luxurious dinner at home. Get the trendiest food in Rotterdam brought to your door with Deliveroo.

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