With a name like Bar Spek you'd be forgiven for thinking this popular Amsterdam hangout is devoted purely to pork-based treats – not true. Sure, you can nibble on Zeeland bacon and stock up on gorgeous prosciutto if you want, but there's so much more to Spek. Savoury delights illuminate the menu here, from their beautifully crafted stone baked flatbreads to the hearty flavour-packed mains. Order in something truly special from Spek tonight.            

Flatbreads, mountains of flavour

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 Feel like sharing or flying solo? Fear not – Bar Spek have your every dining whim covered. Just check out the Mozzarella from their collection of stone baked flatbread creations. This little gem sums up Bar Spek in one flavour-packed disc of pleasure: simple, rustic and delicious. And with Bar Spek you not only getting some of the freshest, healthiest ingredients in Amsterdam, you'll also find some highly original flavour combinations.

 Take their Pumpkin flatbread for example. This unfussy wonder pairs flavours that work great together, fresh chunks of pumpkin cutting through zucchini cream and goats' cheese, sharp olives punch through aniseed whiffs of basil for a big hit of earthy sweetness.The Pumpkin is truly pumping.

So why stone baked?

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But why stone baked? They don't just use this term to be fancy here, there's some solid pizza logic behind it. Stone conducts heat slowly, meaning that flatbreads can go into a scorching oven and not burn to a crisp, just cook through to perfection. And stone absorbs moisture much better than metal alternatives, so you get that all-important crispy base.

And no matter the weather, it's the ideal time to order in stone baked rays of sunshine to your living room. Want to transport your crispy masterpiece al fresco and wash it down with a bottle of Amstel or crisp glass of Chardonnay? No worries. Bar Spek have drinks covered too.

From the Med to the Middle East

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Despite these stone baked goodies stealing the show, there's a handful of other great options here too. Go for the Smokey Veal Ribs, topped with chilli, spring onion, coriander and served up with French fries and a zingy coleslaw, or opt for the Lemon Chicken – coated in rosemary, olives, lemon and plated with roseval potatoes and fennel –  for something a bit herbier.

If you're after a few plates to share between you and your pals, you've got loads of choices here. Go for the Hummus With Pita and some Falafel for a Middle Eastern inspired feast, or opt for their loaded bruschetta for a more Mediterranean start to things. If you were lured in by the name of this place alone, it's the Spek Plank for you, where zeeuws bacon, prosciutto and meatloaf are met with a tangy aioli.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Bar Spek here on Deliveroo for all things delicious.

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