Health-boosting food and incredible flavours don't always go hand in hand. But at Cafe Sage, you're given a double helping of both. Balanced breakfasts, superfood salads and hearty healthy mains are made to step-up your wellness game. Topping the menu off with tempting treats full of guilt-free goodness, Cafe Sage provides the perfect blend of delights for body and mind. It'll leave you feeling as healthy as a fish.

Good food and top notch flavour

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When you're in the mood for something good, fresh and filling, Cafe Sage have the menu to match. A wholesome dinner or light lunch are always catered for with a selection of protein-packed dishes and a mountain of vegetables to follow suit. But to start, let's talk breakfast.

And here's where it gets exciting. For a health-conscious cafe, these guys know how to pack a whole lot of punch into every single dish. Take the Heavenly Pancakes. These little beauties are delicate, fluffy and topped with treats. With goji berries and seasonal fruits and lime, you know you're getting a dose of goodness with every single spoonful.

Health is wealth

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Cafe Sage care about health. Why else would you find them rubbing shoulders with other wellness businesses in the heart of Engineer House? Their eclectic and clean menu embodies the saying 'health is wealth'. At Cafe Sage, you'll always find the perfect post-yoga or pre-massage treat – even when you order and eat at home.

Serving up beautifully balanced dishes might be a Cafe Sage staple, but their tempting menu is stuffed with specialties too. The Chioggia Beet Lentil Salad dresses a selection of rustic lentils with lamb's lettuce, green peas and zingy yuzu for a light but tangy treat. For something with a bit of bite, the ever-popular Spelt Risotto adds asparagus and halloumi for a smooth finish.

Food that fills your boots and feels good


Food that makes you feel good is the kind you always want to eat. But being healthy doesn't mean sticking to salads and never feeling full. At Cafe Sage, when you eat right, you eat well. Whether they're serving up snacks at Amsterdam's Yoga Fest or delivering straight to your door, each dish is made with a balance of wellness and wow-factor in mind.

Sandwiches on the Cafe Sage menu are served open and contain everything you need for a fulfilling feast. Like the Toast Grilled Veggies. Find sourdough dressed with chunky slices of your favourite vegetables, grilled and decorated with pesto and parmesan for a vibrant taste. Smoothies not only taste good, but come with the option of adding a protein or superfood supplement on top. And when it comes to treats, the Raw Cheesecake Pie will satisfy your sweet tooth, thanks to its gluten-free credentials.

For a well-balanced breakfast or a snack with substance, make your Cafe Sage order with Deliveroo.

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