Dine like a star at Bollywood Indian Restaurant. This charming eatery fuses traditional Indian cuisine with the glamour and imagination of India's film industry. Dishes are prepared by a professional chef with over 25 years of experience – using fresh vegetables, herbs and low-fat meat. The result? Exquisite and mouth-watering Indian food.

The star of the show

From samosas to tandoori, and korma to tikka masala, Bollywood Indian Restaurant has the know-how to delight everyone with authentic favourites. And their impressive, extensive menu doesn't take anything away from the quality either, with lesser-known but equally delightful dishes, including pasanda, do piaza and karahi and curries – you'll come back time and time again to try them all.

A favourite is the Lamb Jalfrezie, an exciting combination of paprika, fried onion, tomatoes, chunks of marinated lamb and traditional Indian spices. Pair this dish with fresh golden roti, or choose butter, garlic, cheese or peshwari naan bread and wash it down with a cooling Lassi, yoghurt drink or refreshing Indian beer.

A journey of spice


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Using exotic ingredients and tongue-tingling flavours, Indian is one the world's most diverse cuisines. Influenced by the ethnically varied Indian subcontinent and neighbouring Persia, ancient Greece, Mongolia and West Asia, it's renowned for its sophisticated use of complex spice combinations.

From sweet green cardamom, to smoky cumin seeds, aromatic citrus coriander, earthy turmeric and warming nutmeg, Indian food certainly packs a punch. And whether you're a spice fiend or cooler cat, Bollywood Indian Restaurant caters to all taste buds with mild, medium and hot dishes.

Religious influence and indulgent desserts

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With the influence of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain communities, vegetarianism is widely practiced in India –  and they've mastered the art of creating the finest vegetarian dishes. Bollywood Indian Restaurant cooks up a mean Mix Vegetables Korma – vegetables in a creamy sauce with coconut, saffron and cashews.

Top off your meal with an indulgent Indian dessert. Kheer Indian rice pudding is light – cooked with rice, milk sugar and dry fruits or nuts. Or try the Gulab Jammuns – an irresistibly sweet dessert made with fried milk balls, soaked in syrup for a sweet treat.

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