What's that you say: a restaurant with no fixed address? That's right – welcome to The Beef Chief. Not content with just flipping some of the best burgers in town, these guys also serve them out the side of a shabby-chic 1975 Citroen H Van. And if you ask us, they taste all the better dished up from this meaty two-seater…

The Kimchief of burgers

Let's not beat around the burger bush, with a name like The Beef Chief, it's no surprise that they specialise in all things beefy, but it may be a surprise that they also make awesome kimchi. Just check out that Kimchi Burger. Everything packed in this beauty is locally sourced, from the patty and brioche bun to the Boerderij van Schie cheese, spring onion, mayo and sriracha. Even the kimchi relish is home fermented.

If this all sounds a little too extravagant, it's no problem. A complete repertoire of classics waits for you here too. Play it straight down the line with a Classic or bust the Jam On It with crispy bacon and pickled red onion – select carefully, and tuck in with reckless abandon. Nothing will wipe that contented burger-daubed grin off your face tonight.

So what's this kimchi then?

The Beef Chief was born when Englishman Simon Parrott went to Berlin and found a love of street food, and then trekked to the Netherlands with the aim 'to make the best burger in the country'. And it's this philosophy that drives the Chief's use of only the best local ingredients, and Simon even preps all the meat himself to make sure it's the best it can be.

Alongside all things beefy, the guys here also love kimchi. And this stuff is a white-hot food trend right now. Traditionally made in Korea from cabbage and jazzed up with spices like garlic and ginger, it's super flavourful and super healthy. They make it from scratch here, using carrots for a modern and unique take on this Korean superstar.

Bridging the gap

But with so much choice maybe you're suffering from burger-based confusion today. Maybe you don't want to step out with the kimchi cool kids but by the same token, don't want to stick with ol' Joe average. So go with a Chile Cheeseburger.

This savoury beast offers a happy medium between something familiar and a touch of chilli excitement. A toasted brioche bun holds a beef patty and rich chilli con carne together with cheddar cheese, while ketchup and curtido (a tangy cabbage relish) add a tartness to things. A savoury symphony of flavours encasing the chief of all burger patties.

Despite their carnivorous name, they've got some great vegetarian options here too. Opt for the Shroom Burger for a chef's special mushroom patty met with blue cheese, mustard mayo, lettuce, tomato and red onion, or top the patty off with kimchi, cheese, spring onions, spicy mayo and sriracha in the Kimchi Shroom.

For a unique, fresh-out-the-burger-van-burger, it can only be The Beef Chief for you tonight. Check out their menu here on Deliveroo.    

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