Raw food has been booming this year – but its popularity all stems back to sushi, the Japanese sensation that's always in vogue. So when you're craving sushi, never fear. We've carefully handpicked five fabulous sushi restaurants that'll bring you closer to the Far East than ever before. It's time to polish up your chopstick skills.

1. Sushi Time


Another day at the office and it's finally time for lunch. Lucky for you, Sushi One can help make your day shine – with different sushi sets catering to your tastes. Pick classic salmon and tuna dishes, a 12-pack of spicy sushi, or even a No Fish Allowed set for your vegetarian-friendly feast. And if you're not feeling like raw food so early in the day, there's crispy chicken, teriyaki, or flambéed salmon to keep you full too.

Where: Sushi Time, various locations

2. Jo-Sushi


Jo-Sushi take the hassle out of sushi orders. Their curated boxes are great for the indecisive, with classic little seaweed-wrapped maki rolls alongside fleshier nigiri with slices of salmon and delicate tuna. Try each bite with a bit of zingy pickled ginger, and maybe just a dab of nasal clearing wasabi paste.

Where: Jo-Sushi, Amsterdam

3. Street Sushi


If you think sushi is just about rolls – think again. The innovators at Street Sushi have adopted the Australian way of eating, and gone the extra mile with a deconstructed version. Here, the most popular item to order are the sushi salads – the chicken is favoured by many. Tender chicken thigh is combined with vibrantly green cucumber, fried onions and a sweet and salty hoisin glaze on a bed of sticky sushi rice.

Where: Street Sushi, Den Haag

4. Oishi Sushi & Hello Vietnam


Sushi isn't just tasty, it's also something for your eyes to feast on. Bright colours, clear lines and neat presentation make vivid sushi dishes from Oishi Sushi & Hello Vietnam come alive. Get all the classic sushi sets, as well as fresh gyoza or steaming bowls of pho for after. Sashimi lovers can dig into the special Sashimi Royale – 15 pieces of professionally prepared, irresistibly pure fish slices.

Where: Oishi Sushi & Hello Vietnam, Amsterdam

5. Sakana Sushi & Grill


Mixing the spicy with the mild, Sakana's sushi plates have colourful rolls dusted with a coating of wasabi, drizzles of wasabi mayo or dotted with nutty sesame seeds. Its name also has a double-meaning too – 'sakana' means both 'fish' and 'food to eat with sake wine'. But who needs drink when you have uramaki rolls this good?

Where: Sakana Sushi & Grill, Eindhoven

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