Most people tend to steer clear of takeaways when they're searching for a better diet, but these days you can get fresh, nutritious food delivered straight to your door. As one of the healthiest countries to live in, it's not surprising that we've got loads of restaurants and cafés that produce flavoursome, wholesome food. If you want to clean up your diet but you don't have hours to spend in the kitchen, here are our top five restaurant picks for healthy food that'll put you in a good mood.

1. The Witzel, Poké Perfect

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Sushi in a bowl is what you'll find at Poké Perfect. This Hawaiian delicacy packs in sushi rice, raw fish and several toppings. We suggest trying one of their signature dishes like The Witzel – bite-sized chunks of silky salmon nestled alongside spring onion, cucumber and avocado, scattered over with smoky sesame seeds, and served with their signature Poké Ponzu sauce.

Where: Poké Perfect, locations in Utrecht and Amsterdam

2. Dr. Acai Heaven Bowl, Dr. Blend

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At Dr Blend you'll find a huge variety of healthy, vegetarian fare, from sandwiches and wraps to smoothies and power shots. Start your day off with the Dr. Acai Heaven Bowl, with pure acai, apple juice, chia seeds, oat flakes, granola, kiwi and goji berries for a vitamin-packed breakfast. Or try the Dr. Durango Taco, with kidney beans, avocado, corn, lettuce and onions topped with a tangy taco sauce and jalapeno peppers for a kick of Mexican heat.

Where: Dr Blend, Amsterdam

3. Protein Greens, SLA Westerstraat

SLA Westerstraat make superfood irresistible and salads exciting. If you're bored of the same old lunch, you could order a new flavour combination from their diverse menu every single day. For the ultimate iron-rich, anti-oxidant lunch, we love their hugely popular Protein Greens salad – soft roasted sweet potato, quinoa and black beans are mixed with avocado, steamed broccoli, tamari tempeh, fresh coriander, cashew nuts, pecans and half a marinated egg for added crunch.

Where: SLA Westerstraat, Amsterdam

4. Matcha Protein Bowl, Juice Brothers

You can go for Juice Brothers' wholesome granola served with fresh banana and goji berries, topped with almond butter and cacao nibs, or their famous Force of Nature juice, where fresh fruits and vegetables including cucumber, celery, kale and lemon come together to create a powerful workout drink. But for a unique power breakfast with enough protein for those back-to-back meetings, we suggest the Matcha Protein Bowl – frozen banana, pear, sunwarrior protein powder, matcha powder, granola and cinnamon. Put simply, it's what your body never knew it needed.

Where: Juice Brothers, five locations in Amsterdam

5. Detox Bananensplit, Le Pain Quotidien

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Le Pain Quotidien are passionate about serving local, seasonal produce, so you'll always find them showcasing the freshest fruits and vegetables at their six locations. Their vegan Detox Banana Split, with granola, blueberries, banana, agave, turmeric and soya yoghurt, is a fun way to stay healthy but still feel indulgent.

Where: Le Pain Quotidien, various locations

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