Mexican cuisine is the gift that keeps on giving – fajitas, nachos, quesadillas. The worldwide love for all things Mex runs deep, and deeper still with the beloved burrito. You can find unique takes on burritos from joints around the country. If you came here for Mexican magic, then Tortillas make burritos that are stuffed to bursting. But if you're more out there, the guys at Poké Time offer you the chance to create a unique sushi burrito, and Salsa Shop De Pijp lets you go all out with customisation.

All wrapped up

The basics of a burrito are very simple – a soft tortilla wrapped around all sorts of goodies. It's bundled up tight and usually steamed or lightly grilled to help soften it, make a smoking hot package of goodness.

Traditionally you'll find your Mexican burrito filled with beef, chicken or refried beans, but the simplicity of this dish means that it's super versatile. You could put on your thinking hat and whip up the craziest filling combinations, and we guarantee it'll work. Every. Single. Time.

A burrito was born

The burrito we know and love today is slightly different from its grandfather. It's commonly believed that the burritos came about as Juan Méndez sold food from a street stall around 1910, wrapping meat and beans up in floury tortillas to keep them warm. It was a mobile stall, which his loyal donkey carted around.

As these tortilla-wrapped-tacos became more and more popular, they were named 'burrito' after the Spanish word for 'little donkey', and the rest is history. But the modern-day burrito came to life in California in the 30s. It got bigger, bolder and better, adding in all sorts of fillings for the perfect flavour medleys – including rice for bulk, and cheese for that ooze factor.

Best burritos

At Tortillas, they're serve up their burritos classic Mexican style. Choose from spicy chicken, zingy ground beef or red kidney beans, each wrapped up with black beans, tomato salsa, chilli sauce and – of course – a generous helping of cheese.

If you want a bit more freedom, they're set up in the build your own camp over at Salsa Shop. Choose from a base of pulled pork, vegetables, grilled steak, shredded beef and marinated chicken, and pack in whatever you fancy – from roasted corn, pico de gallo and lettuce, to paprika, cheese and guacamole, these guys have got you covered. And the good news doesn't stop there, as you've also got your pick of six salsa options.

And you can always head on over to Poké Time and opt for a sushi-packed-delight. This Japanese Mexican fusion works a treat – trust us. We love the salmon burrito, with avocado, cucumber, carrot, corn, masago, soy sauce and furikake for an original take on your classic. You'll also find tuna, spicy shrimp and baked tofu on the menu here, so wrap up and tuck in.

If you've now got burrito cravings, then check out Deliveroo to get Mexican food brought straight to your door. Get yours from five locations:

Salsa Shop – Centrum

Salsa Shop – De Rivierenbuurt

Salsa Shop – GrachtenGordel

Salsa Shop – Oud-West

Salsa Shop – Pijp

Or opt for Tortillas' and  Poké Time's offerings.

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