When it comes to pizza, we're all guilty of plugging for our 'usual' again and again, whether it's a classic vegetarian Margherita or that carnivore's meat-heavy heaven – but it's time to get adventurous. Seafood is the next step on your pizza adventure.

The mega menus at Dolce e Salato, Napoli Amsterdam and Sotto Pizza serve up sterling tuna pizzas that'll get your taste buds tingling and make you blush with the first flush of pizza romance once again.

A sophisticated affair

What we like about the tuna pizza is its elegant balance of ingredients. It manages to be seriously meaty yet distinctly delicate at the same time. Tuna is strong, but not overpowering, which lends it an air of sophistication.

It packs a punch of flavour by uniting the traditional rich and robust Italian pizza foundations with a few intense toppings, coming together to create something subtle and sophisticated. You'll find tonno pizzas on the menu almost anywhere you look, some pairing tuna with more ingredients while other recipes leave it to steal the show by itself.

In-your-face ingredients


The base is smothered in its usual herby tomato sauce and creamy melts-like-magic buffalo mozzarella – and then you add tuna, to bring the star factor. Tuna pizza's toppings get right up in your face, but put them all together and they just work.

Of course, there's the fish itself. But the other strong flavours all complement each other to perfection too. The quiet kick of sautéed onions. The succulent juiciness of bright red tomatoes. The vinegary bite of salty capers. And the almost-bitter meatiness of fresh Italian olives.

We heart tuna pizza

Napoli make their pizzas with care, cooking them quickly in a hot oven for the signature crisp finish. They're a little thicker than authentic Italian pizzas, but make up for it by being covered in delicious toppings. The tuna pizza comes with sliced onion, capers and black olives for a rounded experience.

Sotto Pizza, meanwhile, make their menu of thin and crispy pizzas in a traditional wood-fired oven. As a result, the middle can be more liquid – though the cheese on top is still gloriously gooey.

And Dolce e Salato is a more hip affair.  The trendy pizzas come with plenty of herbs, and you'll find tuna paired with onion. If you're ordering well in advance of when you're hungry, you can even order a partially-baked tuna pizza from here – just pop it in the oven to heat through when the craving strikes.

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