Warm, crisp and wonderfully simple, the humble waffle is streets ahead when it comes to satisfying a sweet tooth. And it's no secret that some of the best can be sampled right here in the Netherlands. From American-style waffles at Ms Crumbs to De Rotterdammert's ice cream-laden delights, and fruity favourites from Amarty's, we've selected some of the most tempting waffles from around the country.

Waffles go way back

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A modest but underestimated treat, the waffle is characterised by its embossed edges. We can trace the use of hot irons to shape and cook batter back to the 9th century, when it was originally used to depict biblical scenes or emboss emblems onto communion wafers.

Nowadays, the waffle has moved on from its religious beginnings, but it still relies on traditional cooking principles. The process starts with a simple batter that's poured into a bevelled cooking iron. When you pull it out, it's golden brown and wonderfully dimpled. Not only do these doughy peaks and valleys trap the heat and get gorgeously golden and crispy, but they're also the perfect landscape for mountains of toppings.

Time to get creative

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Now comes the hard part. From syrups and sauces to fresh fruit or ice cream, you could spend hours curating the ultimate  topping combination. We know that while perfectly tasty on their own, resisting all the trimmings is near impossible.

Ms Crumbs have something retro about their American diner-style joint. Their homemade waffles are freshly baked all through the day, which make them perfect partners for all kinds of toppings. We love lashings of Nutella and a sprinkle of rainbow smarties, adding a pop of colour to your sweet treat.  

If you want a mix of hot and cold, grab a hot and crispy waffle from De Rotterdammert. This restaurant specialises in ice cream, so what could be better than enjoying a scoop of it on top of your waffle? Oreo ice cream combines biscuit and cream, but there's all kinds of other great flavours to try too – from classic speculaas to cheesecake sour cherries or refreshing blood orange.

But if you need a pick-me-up in the morning, fruity waffles are the way to go. Amarty's in Utrecht sell their waffles with the choice of adding endless toppings, so combine devilish whipped cream with fruit for something a bit healthier –  we love how the juicy cherries burst as you bite in, leaving the cream streaked with pink.

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