Sometimes simplicity is king. And for those times, you just can't beat sashimi. This delicate, fresh and finely sliced raw fish is one of most famous dishes in Japanese cuisine. It's a one of a kind experience. Traditionally served up on its own, this really is a dish that lets the fish do all the talking.

Because it relies on that single, graceful ingredient, sashimi needs to be prepared the proper way – by highly trained chefs using traditional techniques. We love Sushi Time's salmon and tuna mix sashimi, Sushi Haru's sea bass take and Urban Sushi's 16-piece box mix for sashimi that knocks it out of the park every time.

The family tree

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Sashimi has its roots deep in Japanese cuisine, dating back thousands and thousands of years. Fast-forward a few millennia to the 1970s, and this is when sashimi became legendary the world over. You'll most likely find salmon, squid, tuna, scallops and shrimp served up as sashimi, but people tend to put their creative hats on when it comes to this classic. Sushi Haru has a delicately prepared mix of sea bass, salmon and tuna sashimi. Or, if you're feeling extra adventurous, frog, beef, horse and deer are also on some Japanese menus.

To the unseasoned eye, sashimi may look like the not-so-exciting sibling of sushi. But the word 'sashimi' translates to 'pierced meat', hinting to the way it is prepared. It differs from its trendy cousin as it's always raw, and doesn't feature the vinegared rice you'll find in sushi parcels. With sashimi, what you see is what you get. It's simple, it's modest, and it's all out delicious.

Sashimi strategy

Starter, main or side, sashimi works every time. Dig in with your chopsticks and let the fish do all the work. Although the dish is prepared as a dish to be enjoyed on its own, you can dip it into soy sauce and wasabi or pair with shredded daikon radish or mint shiso leaf for added flavour. And if you're not a chop stick pro, it's fine to use a fork or your fingers.

They take sashimi seriously in Japan, even to the extent that it's considered rude to wear perfume or aftershave during a sashimi feast. The aromas of your favourite scents intervene with the delicate taste of the fish. For a more holistic sashimi experience try it without your favourite fragrance – you'll thank us later.

The sashimi master

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Its purity means it's a blank canvas when it comes to presentation. To achieve a unique and flawless look and texture, a skilled chef finely slices the fish using special Japanese cutting techniques. This isn't your standard slice and dice – it requires precision, patience and a whole lot of skill.

Tapping into their creative side, Japanese restaurants serve up sashimi with a side of style and a pinch of flair. Respecting space and colours, Urban Sushi's mix is a true model of a flawlessly presented dish, while Sushi Time make sure their salmon slices are fit for an emperor.

Want to taste one of the most famous dishes in Japanese cuisine? Check out your sashimi options here on Deliveroo.

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