The burger has evolved and it's gone gloriously gourmet. Once a kids' menu favourite or a fast food snack that that would have you hungrily hankering for another one an hour later, today's burgers can be monsters of epic proportions. Eateries all over the world are injecting crazy amounts of creativity into our legendary burgers – with awesome results. You'll find some of the best at Rubens Burger, The Butcher De Pijp and De Burger where chefs gleefully show off their gourmet chops.

Back to basics 

Okay. We all know the burger basics. Slap some beef in a bun, and you're almost there, give or take your personal preferences for cheese, salad and sauces. But these building blocks are laying the foundations for the more creative culinary masterpieces on the menu – introducing the gourmet burger.

All hail the hipster philosophy here – originality is key. So while simple and traditional is often exactly what you want, you can also feast upon massive menus of unique and quirky creations.

Humble beginnings

To fully understand the gourmet burger, you must first conquer the humble hamburger. There are all sorts of claims and theories as to who first rustled up the burger, but its link to the German city of Hamburg is self-evident. There are burger claims from across the world, popping up everywhere from Europe to America. And we're truly thankful to whoever created that fundamental building block of our gourmet burger.

As all great meals do, burgers changed with the times. Just like its predecessor, we can't pin down who first kicked off this gourmet burger revolution – so we're just following the trend with our stomachs growling.

Getting fancy

If you're in the mood for something with a bit of a kick, there's only one person to call, and that's Rubens Burger's Aunt Spicy. It includes all of the usual suspects, with some sliced chorizo thrown in, and then smothered in the sauce du jour – chipotle mayonnaise.

The Butcher has whipped up a collection of swanky and sophisticated burgers that are fit for fine dining – but if you manage to eat one of these beasts with a modicum of sophistication, you're eating it wrong. The favourite one to get all over our faces is The Daddy – a 250g Aberdeen Angus patty topped with an impressive hat of melted Edam cheese, crispy bacon, BBQ sauce and grilled onion.

The Hangover Burger from De Burger is one case where 'bigger is better' rings true. It's basically everything you could want – twice. Double the size of the Hereford beef burger. Double the bacon. Double the cheddar cheese. And smothered in De Burger's signature sauce – there's only one serving of this, but you know they'd add it twice if they could.

Get trendy gourmet burgers delivered straight to your door through Deliveroo. Choose from The Butcher's four sites in Amsterdam:


The Butcher – Centrum

The Butcher – Noord

The Butcher – Oud-West

The Butcher – Pijp

Or get your fix through Haarlem's Rubens Burger or Eindhoven's De Burger.

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