When simple, fresh ingredients work this well together, the dish is destined to become a worldwide sensation. And that couldn't be any truer when it comes to pad thai. A classic Thai meal made up of rice noodles, tofu, peanuts and fish or meat, it's a mildly spiced specialty loved from east to west.

Ideal for a comforting lunch or a warming supper, tailor your pad thai at a traditional Thai place. Jasmine Thai Cuisine cooks up a meat of your choice, find a chicken-shrimp combo at Royal Thai Amsterdam, or try the less conventional duck pad thai at Tuk Tuk Thai. Here's why it's our dish of the day.

Zest, spice and extra nuts

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Pad thai stands out thanks to its star ingredient. Rice noodles make up the base of the dish and create that light yet soothing eating experience. Carefully soaked, then stir fried, the noodles come alive. Dressed with egg, chilli, peanuts and a little lime, you get that eastern oomph with every bite.

Typically, pad thai is served as a main. With all the carb, protein and vegetable bases covered, what more could you want? Jasmine Thai Cuisine's pad thai comes in hearty portions, and you can get it with your choice of meat – be it steak, pork or shrimp.

Street food, Thai style

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Noodles aren't new by any means – they're a staple of East Asian culture. Both China and Vietnam have their own take on the now legendary Thai dish, but it was the political promotion of rice noodles in Thailand that put them on the culinary map. Then the creation we all know and love as pad thai was born.

Most commonly served casually in relaxed eateries, pad thai is a type of street food. Easy to eat on the go and super filling, it's now a firm favourite with foodies around the world. As one of the most popular dishes on their menu, Royal Thai Amsterdam have not only added a little chicken into the staple shrimp dish, but also offer a vegetarian option so everyone can get involved.

Rice noodles dressed to impress

If there's one taste you take away from pad thai, it's that sweet, slightly spicy peanut flavour. Both powerful and playful, the way those rice noodles are prepped couldn't be more perfect.

Classically cooked with shrimp, or tofu alone if you're going vegetarian, the textures work together to create a beautiful balance. But if the rebel in you wants to try an entirely new taste, break the mould and be different. At Tuk Tuk Thai, try a bit of beef, or some shredded peking duck, to intensify the taste.

To enjoy a nutty pad thai from your favourite place, order with Deliveroo and have it at home.

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