Feeding more mouths can be a hassle. Rather than buying in extra ingredients and fumbling around in the kitchen though, why not let the pros handle the hard stuff? Make your next dinner party, night in with the friends, or date with your significant other, that much more special – by ordering in dishes made for sharing. Here's five of our favourites from across the country, bringing you tastes from around the world.

1. Antipasti and pizza, Renato's Pizzeria

Italian food is full of amore. Renato's Pizza knows how to show that love – whether it's between you and a partner, or a family gathering. You can start by dividing up groaning plates of meat, cheese and vegetables for antipasti, then get onto the main event. Order a Pizza Della Casa to split if you're a fan of delicate Parma ham and rocket, or get your own authentic wood-fired pizza and embrace the differences.

Where: Renato's Pizzeria, two locations in Amsterdam

2. Tapas platter, Tapasbar Centwich

Everyone knows tapas are made for sharing. Splitting small dishes between people encourages bonding, even as you argue over who gets the last piece of patatas bravas or accuse your friend of hogging all the seafood. Tapasbar Centwich have a great range of plates on their mix-and-match menu, but you can always go for the chef's own selection and plump for the 15-piece platter – perfect for just two.

Where: Tapasbar Centwich, Breda

3. Mixed sushi, Sushi Company

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Even if you're not normally a fish person, sushi can change your mind. Delicate sashimi, salty hosomaki rolls wrapped in seaweed and vinegary rice all play their part in making sushi sets from the Sushi Company so moreish. Everyone is free to get whatever suits their tastes best – so your adventurous friend, vegetarian partner and cautious cousin can all select their own dishes. With sushi, it's easy to keep everybody happy.

Where: Sushi Company, Rotterdam

4. Mix Maza, Amier

Lebanese food is so much more than just hummus and falafel. Amier's vibrant Middle Eastern food introduces other classics, like spiced nakanek sausages, lemony batata harra potatoes, or rice-stuffed grape leaves known as warak enab. The Mix Maza plates have combinations of hot and cold dishes which are ideal for splitting between people – enjoy rich salads, chewy flatbreads, and of course that creamy hummus to dip.

Where: Amier, Den Haag

5. Sharing box of macarons, Macaron By RJA

Let's clear something up before we dive into dessert – macaroons are coconut-flavoured cookies, while macarons are two meringue-based biscuits sandwiched together. And Macaron By RJA make some of the best macarons in town. Get a box of six to split after a romantic meal, or go all-out for an 18-piece collection if you need to impress post-dinner party. Pick from hazelnut, pistachio, white chocolate, olive oil and more when curating your sweet collection.

Where: Macaron By RJA, two locations in Amsterdam

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