Sometimes you just can't beat the sweeter things in life. Walked home from work in the rain? Impressing a date? Friends on the way over for a catchup and a cuppa? These are times when you need a sugar high. And you don't need to head to a café next time you're pining for sweets. Check out some of these places that can bring the sugary magic straight to you.

1. Box of Six Cupcakes, Ma Bella Cakery

Cupcakes from Ma Bella Cakery are tiny parcels of picture-perfect prettiness. Flavours stick to the classics – red velvet, sharp lemon, and the cocoa-laden Chocolate Shock – so order a box of six to sample them all.

Where: Ma Bella Cakery, Amsterdam

2. Slice of Oreo Cake, Heavenly Cupcakes (vegan)

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Why should giving up animal products limit your treats? Heavenly Cupcakes make astounding vegan cupcakes, cakes, sandwiches and ice cream. Grab a decadent slice of their Oreo cake – eating well never felt this naughty.

Where: Heavenly Cupcakes, Rotterdam

3. Blueberry Mango Cheesecake, Cheesecake Company

Cheesecakes are the tangy, edgy cousin to pastries – a buttery biscuit base, sweet-sour cream middle and finished with a million different possible toppings. Cheesecake Company specialise in these desserts – we just wish their colourful Blueberry Mango counted towards our five-a-day.

Where: Cheesecake Company, Den Haag

4. Blueberry Cupcake, Urban Bakery

Blueberry muffins are old hat – cupcakes are where it's at. Urban Bakery's soft blueberry cupcakes have blueberries speckling the crumbs purple, and is topped with a swirl of icing and even more berries for extra bursts of fruity flavour.

Where: Urban Bakery, two locations in Rotterdam

5. Chocolate Banana Cake, BitterSweetz (vegan)

BitterSweetz make dietary restrictions seem simple. Whether you're avoiding products by choice or by allergy, their indulgent baked goods are the answer. Go for their fudgy chocolate banana cake – a vegan delight that's also gluten- and refined sugar-free.

Where: Bittersweetz, Den Haag

6. Brownie, Yoghurt Barn

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Everyone knows yoghurt pots make for a virtuous lunch or snack – but Yoghurt Barn aren't just about their brunches. Grab a yoghurt with extra cookies and cinnamon sugar for pick-me-up any time of the day, or let loose with some of their homemade bakes. The dense and nutty brownies can't be beaten – and taste even better brought to your door.

Where: Yoghurt Barn, various locations

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