Burgers are beautiful, but when they're served up with chicken, they're completely transformed. Light, fresh and incredibly tender, the chicken burger is a modern twist to a classic snack. Will you go for coated and deep-fried or served grilled with a crispy salad?

Individual twists given to a classic chicken sandwich are part of what make them so special. At The Hen House, a chicken patty is topped with a zingy barbecue sauce, H. Burger add a secret sauce and Ellis Burger keep it clean and fresh with a grilled chicken breast topped with vegetables.

Crispy and tender

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A chicken burger is definitely comfort food, it's wholesome, succulent and undoubtedly moreish. Whether you order it coated and deep-fried, or fresh, grilled and seasoned to perfection, when sandwiched between two sides of a bun you find chicken at its best.

For a deep-fried chicken breast done right, head to The Hen House. Here you'll find a tender chicken schnitzel topped with fresh iceberg, crunchy cucumber and drizzled with a spiced yoghurt for a refreshingly zingy sensation.

A fresh, light alternative

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But not every chicken burger is served up the same. Dubbed a chicken sandwich in the States, the chicken burger is a fresh alternative to the beefy classic. Dressed with the same toppings and killer condiments as its beef-based brother, the chicken burger started out as a patty substitute in the American chain Chick-fil-A in the '60s.

Now, earning its own twists and takes, the chicken burger is becoming a classic in its own right. Open up your burger options with grilled or fried patties.At H. Burger, you'll find yourself with a grilled chicken breast smothered with cheese and topped with tomato, onion and lettuce for a lighter bite. They add in a homemade chef's secret sauce too, for extra zing.

Topped to the nines or nice and simple

Just like the traditional beef burger, a chicken burger can take on a new taste with the addition of toppings. Like your burger with barbecue sauce and bacon? Go ahead. Or with endless amounts of salad and a cooling condiment? No problem. That's the beauty of the chicken burger – it's all-out customisable.

For times when you want to keep it fresh, simple and refined, order the Funky Chicken from Ellis Gourmet Burger. This signature dish takes a chicken fillet, tops it with grilled veggies and red onion and adds parmesan for flavour. And the best part? Bite into their dragon mayonnaise for a fresh fun finish. This delight makes for a perfect protein-packed meal, getting all the flavour of a burger, but none of the guilt.

Enjoy a chunky chicken burger in the comfort of your own home with an order from Deliveroo.

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