Whether you're having a sociable soiree with friends, or a screen-side supper solo, dim sum is the perfect match. This Chinese champion is a dinner winner, offering a range of flavour-packed bite-sized snacks for all. And whatever the occasion, Dim Sum Now, Tai Soen and China Town Dim Sum have it covered.

Small wonders


It may come in small packages, but dim sum – which has been enjoyed by the Chinese since it started out in the Guangdong region in the mid-19th Century – knows how to make a big impact.

The name – affectionately translated as 'touch your heart' – refers to a collection of dishes, rather than one type. So there's all kinds of wonders on offer, such as the cha siu bao – steamed buns filled with barbecue pork – or har kau, shrimp dumplings that can be steamed or fried.

There's rice noodle rolls stuffed with vegetables or meat and served with a sweet soy sauce.  Fried spring rolls. Steaming hot dumpling soups. Even sweet custard-filled buns can be involved, making up the mix for a small snack or a full-on-feast.

Brewing up some tea

You may want to stick the kettle on before reading on, because dim sum was originally created as a snack to accompany steaming cups of tea for travellers on the ancient Silk Road.

As the road became busier with passing trade, owners of teahouses set along the southern Chinese roadside began creating a series of marvellous morsels for travellers to eat while drinking their tea – a practice today known as yum cha. And even nowadays, the tradition continues in China and Hong Kong – with many enjoying yum cha anytime from 6am through to the afternoon.

Enjoy anytime

Whatever the time of day, dim sum is destined to deliver. Cater for a crowd with Dim Sum Now's Disco Dim Sum 10- or 20-piece packages, and choose from a mix of Chinese and Japanese dumplings, filled with a choice of meat, fish or vegetables. We love the shaoi mai chicken – a steamed dumpling filled with chicken, mushroom and carrot, and flavoured with lime leaf and crushed chilli.

Seafood fans can get their fill at Tai Soen with the har kau – steamed dumplings stuffed with shrimp or the tsa siu kau, little oval-shaped dumplings baked with prawns. And China Town Dim Sum are at the top of their bite-sized game too. Soft sieuw mai pancakes filled with shrimp and pork, small portions of steamed ribs in black bean sauce, and spicy squid all have their part to play in providing you with a complete dim sum experience.


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