What's your go-to breakfast? Coffee and toast? A flaky pastry and a cup of sweet tea? Or maybe even nothing at all? Whatever you normally reach for in the morning, we're here to help you break up with boring breakfasts.

Step away from the cereal, and explore some great new options. The best part? No need to change out of your pyjamas – get breakfast delivered straight to your door.

1. Mediterranean eggs, Bluespoon

A hearty option for lazy mornings, this dish is perfect for sharing with guests when a slice of toast just won't do. Served with sourdough bread, feta, tomatoes and avocado, Bluespoon brings a touch of magic to the classic Mediterranean eggs.

Where: Bluespoon, Amsterdam

2. Acai bowl, Yoghurt Barn

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Whether you fancy natural, crunchy or fruity, Yoghurt Barn's acai bowls will put a spring in your morning step. Bursting with fresh fruit over an acai and blueberry base, this new kid on the breakfast block will make you feel virtuous from head to toe.

Where: Yoghurt Barn, various locations

3. The Legend, Toastable

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Lovingly celebrated by the guys at Toastable, the humble toastie is no longer limited to boring lunchtimes. From spicy chorizo and cheddar to 'The Legend' – succulent chicken thighs wrapped in crisp bacon – you can push the breakfast boundaries with these brave options.

Where: Toastable, Amsterdam

4. Organic pastries, The Foodmaker

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Unprocessed food will satisfy your soul as well as your stomach. With a passion for organic produce, The Foodmaker's menu is as diverse as they come. Serving up croissants with a conscience, their all-natural pastry and cake options are best enjoyed with a hot mug of coffee and a positive mental attitude.

Where: The Foodmaker, Den Haag

5. French toast, Anne&Max

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When you wake up feeling indulgent, French toast is the answer. Decadent and filling, Anne&Max's oven-baked option will have you coming back for more. Made with their own sourdough loaf and sprinkled with coconut sugar, Anne&Max serve this classic with sweet clotted cream and tart fresh fruit.

Where: Anne&Max, various locations

6. Overnight Oats, Ekoplaza (vegan)

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Ultra-healthy and vegan-friendly, these oats are packed to the brim with dried fruits, desiccated coconut, nuts and spices. Left in almond milk overnight to soak up all that goodness, this breakfast bowl from Ekoplaza is full of flavour and will see you through to lunchtime.

Where: Ekoplaza, Utrecht

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