A cosy pyjamas-night-in watching a movie just isn't the same without the right comfort food. A timeless classic that's been winning over hearts for centuries – it's gooey, it's scrumptious, it's loved by many – it's the lasagne.

Layered with thin sheets of pasta, a meaty sauce and a cheesy béchamel, you just know it's going to be amazing every single time. But some make it just that little bit more special, like the hearty oven-baked traditional take from Ciao Bella. Everyone can get in on the fun at La Fucina, with their vegetarian-friendly option, and the guys at Lazagne put their own spin on this comforting classic with an extra helping of inventive vegetables and gourmet cheese.

Layer it up

Lasagne is great because there isn't a right or wrong way to do it. Some core ingredients are almost always featured however, such as pasta sheets, thick béchamel sauce and a meat ragù – unless you're having a vegetarian lasagne, of course.

Each delicious component is first cooked separately. A hearty ragù is slow-cooked to reach that trademark rich flavour, while the white béchamel sauce is stirred together with cheese and sometimes a dusting of almost-sweet nutmeg, for an extra zing.

These ingredients are layered in between thin sheets of pasta, and baked in the oven until golden. There's nothing better than cutting up that first piece of pasta, seeing the filling ooze out and the stringy cheese stretch as you lift it up to the plate.

From Greek ideas to Italian perfection

Although the dish as we know it is considered Italian, the creative inspiration comes from the ancient Greeks. When the Roman Empire overthrew the Greeks they adopted many of their traditions, including laganon – the Greek word for flat bread sliced into strips – which was how the idea of lasagne came about.

The sumptuous saucy goodness as we know it today was first created in Naples, adding in hard-boiled chopped eggs to the ingredient mix we know and love today – though these days, you're more likely to find extra vegetables in the mix.

Lasagne is love

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True love and lasagne have at least one thing in common – it's what's inside that counts. If you came for lasagne and nothing else, then Ciao Bella's classic take is the one for you. It's simple, hearty, and it'll leave a smile on your face. They also keep things traditional at La Fucina, but here they cater for just about everyone here, offering up meat and vegetarian-friendly versions for the whole gang.

At Lazagne, you've got a few more options when it comes to your lasagne fix. We love their Lasagne Raviolona, made with green asparagus, snow peas, ravioli and pecorino – it's a true testament to the versatility of our beloved dish. But if that doesn't grab you, opt for the Lasagne Ricotta e Spinaci, with ricotta, spinach and parmesan – double cheese, what could be better?


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