Forget sad-looking bowls of cereal, burnt bacon sandwiches and rubbery scrambled eggs – bring a whole new meaning to the phrase 'breakfast in bed'. Whether it's fibre-rich granola served with goji berries and coconut flakes, or a warm, buttered croissant fresh from the oven, mix up your morning snacks. We've rounded up some of the best places in central Amsterdam that'll bring you breakfast in bed.  

1. Dr. Acai Power Bowl, Dr. Blend

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If you're looking for a power breakfast, with a smoothie on the side that'll give you a lively start to the day, Dr. Blend is the place for you. Grab a mineral-packed detox drink like the Dr. Wheatgrass Wonder – with apple, cucumber, wheatgrass, ginger, goji berries, acai, turmeric and hemp seed – or get a proper bowl of superfood to start your day right. The Dr. Acai Power Bowl is made with pure acai, yoghurt, banana, granola, chia seeds and raw cacao, topped off with oats and sliced strawberries.

Where: Dr. Blend, Centrum

2. Poached egg and avocado, Mr. Sister

Look no further than Mr. Sister for a healthy, hearty breakfast. They offer up all sorts of morning treats guaranteed to give you that get-up-and-go feeling – their most popular dish by far is the poached egg and avocado. This classic combination of freshly baked bread with delicate flavours of avocado, topped with a gooey poached egg, is a real treat first thing.

Where: Mr. Sister, Centrum

3. Dragon's Breath juice, Juice Brothers

If you're on the hunt for superfoods, look no further than Juice Brothers. Unlike many places, they use the cold-pressed method of juicing, where all fruits and vegetables are crushed and hydraulically pressed. With less heat generated, more nutrients are kept intact. This packs in more health benefits as well as all of the flavour – get a bottle of their Dragon's Breath juice for an energy boost, which includes fragrant grapefruit, lemon, ginger, and deep pink beetroot.

Where: Juice Brothers, various locations

4. The Vegan, Toastable (vegan)

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You'll find toast on breakfast plates across the world, but Toastable have breathed new life into this morning classic. Aside from serving up yoghurts, homemade croissants and other bakery treats, they've invented their own speciality menu of triple layered toasties. The Vegan has spicy hummus, zucchini, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, smoked almonds, red onion and paprika packed into their toasties for a meat-free breakfast to remember.

Where: Toastable, Centrum

5.  Bakkersontbijt, De Bakkerswinkel

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If you're the tricky type who can never decide what they want, you'll love the menu at De Bakkererswinkel. Every artisanal dish here is crafted with care and rustled up with organic produce, including our favourite the Bakkersontbijt. Here you'll get a morning picnic of croissant, buns and baguettes, along with toppings of ham, cheese, butter and jam. You'll even get an energizing serving of organic juice and bags of Mr. Jones's tea – well worth waking up for.

Where: De Bakkererswinkel, Centrum

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