Close your eyes and picture the perfect plate of kibbeling. It's crispy, crunchy and golden. Bite down and you'll find tender pieces of flaky white fish – dunk it in tartare sauce for some contrast and savour that awesomeness. It's come a long way from its origins as a way to use up leftovers, so check out some of the top spots in Amsterdam for this comfort food classic.

1. Urker Viswinkel

Dirk Bos, the man behind Urker Viswinkel, started as a humble fisherman with a passion for the freshest fish. So it's no surprise that his kibbeling is some of the best in town, made with a mild spice mix and a crispy batter. The fish is moist and tender, so try a light snack of eight pieces, or go all-out with a whopping 500g of battered heaven – but we recommend sharing that one with a friend. Don't forget to choose your dipping sauce either – pick from classic garlic, Marie Rose cocktail sauce, or something less conventional.

Where: Urker Viswinkel, Jordaan

2. Vishandel Tol en de Geus

The guys at Vishandel Tol en de Gues have a loyal customer following – and we think it's down to their fish. It's delicate, light and flaky, and pairs like a dream with the crispy golden batter it's covered in. Dip them in spicy piri piri sauce for a fusion of old and new – the mild childhood classic mixes great with the punchy sauce for a combination that's bound to leave you wanting more.

Where: Vishandel Tol en de Geus, Oost

3. Tijger & De Vis

Tijger & De Vis is one of Lindengracht's best places to grab some comfort food. What makes their kibbeling different? It's all in the batter. The cod is coated in a wholewheat spelt batter – giving the finished product a whole load of crunch. Erik Huibers, the driving force behind the hip new seafood café, makes sure everything is made with care. If kibbeling on its own isn't enough, don't be afraid to stack up with the Combi Menu – add a crab burger, hand-cut fries and salad to give your meal extra oomph. And don't forget the all-important homemade garlic sauce.

Where: Tijger & De Vis, Jordaan

4. Fish House

With a name like Fish House, it's obvious what you're going to get. This place specialises in fresh seafood, from fried shrimp and anchovies to grilled seabass and octopus salad. Even so kibbeling remains one of their most popular dishes – you just can't beat a classic. Get a small five piece portion ideal for on the go or a large eight bit selection for a heartier treat. Enjoy it with plenty of salt, and memories of your family beach holidays.

Where: Fish House, Centrum


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